Workgroups are a key mechanism for accomplishing the New Mexico Cancer Council’s goals. Council members are encouraged to participate in at least one of the workgroups that address specific issues related to implementation of the New Mexico Cancer Plan. Membership in workgroups is open to NM Cancer Council members as well as the public. Current workgroups include:

  • New Mexico Cancer Patient Navigation Network/ Access Workgroup
    Improve access to cancer-related services through expansion of community-based patient navigation services. For more information contact Elba Saavedra at
  • Albuquerque Cancer Coalition
    A coalition of cancer support agencies, hospital treatment centers and governmental agencies uniting to inform the community of resources, to educate, to advocate and to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families. For more information contact Blaire Larson at
  • Colorectal Cancer Workshop
    The Colorectal Cancer Workgroup works collaboratively to increase culturally and linguistically competent and effective education about appropriate screening services for the early detection and/or prevention of cancer among New Mexicans; to reduce disparities and inequities in access to appropriate and effective cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, care and survivor services; and to improve cooperation, coordination and collaboration among organizations and federal, state, tribal, county and local governments engaged in community-oriented cancer control. For more information, contact Dorine Conley at
  • Data Workgroup
    The data workgroup will develop and disseminate data on cancer health disparities.  For more information contact Susan Simons at
  • Native American Workgroup
    This workgroup will identify the needs of Native American populations to provide guidance to the NM Cancer Council regarding NM Native American cancer issues and how the Cancer Plan’s goal areas may better relate to these issues. For more information contact Michele Suina at
  • Policy/Advocacy Workgroup
    This workgroup develops and evaluates the process for communication of legislative proposals that support the New Mexico Cancer Plan to all Council members for endorsement. This workgroup also addresses policy/advocacy issue related to the Council’s priorities. For more information contact Paul Sanchez-Hindi at
  • Public Relations (PR) Workgroup
    The PR workgroup oversees communication and membership goals for the Council.  Tasks include: increasing awareness and utilization of the NM Cancer Plan 2012-2017, promoting the Council as a vehicle through which individuals and organizations collaborate, guiding membership recruitment and retention, creating member orientation and mentorship opportunities, compiling member information and utilizing collateral materials to promote membership benefits. 
  • Survivorship Workgroup
    A group of individuals and organizations working to further the Council’s survivorship priority of raising awareness of Patient Care Plans and Treatment Summaries and promoting the use of these plans to the oncology community and among cancer survivors.  For more information contact Beth Pinkerton at
  • Tobacco Control Workgroup
    This workgroup seeks opportunities to proactively support tobacco control efforts. For more information contact Willa Ortega at